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A community of Love

Especially for Naruto... and Kakashi!

Naruto Love
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All Members , Moderated
mods : psykiblue and daphnedawn

Rules. We kindly ask that you follow these. Nothing strict just out respect for other members.

1) Any questions about episodes we ask that you put under an lj cut. Some people may not have had the chance to watch and we dont want any spoilers.

2) All discussions are welcome. Keep it reasonable and respectful.

3) No flaming people here or on their own journals. That's just not cool.

4) No dissing Naruto, we like him remember!

5) Dis Sasuke all you want. He's annoying. Oh and Sakura too....although she is useful.

6) Kakashi is the hotness!

7) Please put any kind of spoilers about the episodes or the movies under an lj cut.

FanArt/Stories/Poems/Icons are welcome as well. Please remember to put huge pics under an lj cut though.

For the sake of easy access to the entry on links, it has been added to the memories section.


This was stolen and modified:

naruto is love

Naruto is Love

I meant to add this awhile ago. but our layout is due to the wonderful, co-moderator daphnedawn